How We Work

At Dotzler Law we work the way you want to work. We make it easy to work with us your way. Some clients prefer to never talk on the phone, some prefer in person meetings. Some like to sit down and review every word, and some just like it “handled”.  However you like to work, we are excited to work with you. This isn’t about how we do business, but rather how you would like to, and you control the approach.

By creating a partnership, rather than filling online orders and providing a 1-800 call center for legal questions, we provide high quality estate planning services with a level of customization so that your goals will be carried out, your business is taken care of, you can focus on building a more profitable business and you have an attorney in your corner.


We consult with you to determine: (1) What do you need? (2) When do you need it by? (3) What will it cost?


You hire us to work on the matters we discussed.


We work with you to draft, review, explain and resolve the the issues we discussed.