Managing and Operating Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, your time is scarce and valuable, you already have enough things to fill your plate…is reviewing and negotiating contract terms, drafting employee policies, chasing non-paying clients the best use of your time? You are better suited to use your time to develop your business model and track down new opportunities – let us help with the other stuff.

We understand that no one knows your business like you do and that no one is more critical in securing your businesses success. Most often a business owner deals with every issue themselves, including issues that may be better suited to hire a lawyer for. This is generally because there is no good option for a fairly priced attorney who is easily accessible and can offer personal services.

We get that – while using sweat equity to build you business is a critical element to success, so is being efficient with your time. We offer a new alternative to the traditional lawyer experience. We understand small businesses and can offer a streamlined experience that accomplishes your goals without breaking the bank.