Your Family

A majority of Americans never sign a Will, never designate guardians for their children, never make plans for their health care and never provide for the distribution of their assets and family heirlooms. Rather, they rely on default state law, the discretion of a judge and the cooperation of their family.

Why is this? Because legal services have become too expensive and lawyers have become unapproachable.

We’re changing that!

Planning for your family should be simple, accessible and personal. Whether you are just starting a family or you’re entering retirement and thinking about your children and grandchildren, it’s important to have a plan for the most valued things in your life: your health, your family and your property.


We will get to know you, your family and financial situation and work with you to put a plan in place that meets your goals and needs. We will not overcomplicate things and sell you a bill of goods that you don’t need.


We work with you on your terms, in a way that is personally approachable for you, so that you can actually enjoy the process. By focusing in on what is really important and necessary, we can offer personalized legal services that are financially approachable.


We want you to be happy with the services you receive. This is why we strive to get to know you and your needs. We believe that a personal relationship and personal services should be the cornerstone of your attorney-client relationship.


Distribute Your Assets.



Powers of Attorney for Property

Manage Your Health Care Decisions.

Powers of Attorney for Health Care

Medical Information Releases (HIPAA Releases)

Living Wills

Protect Your Family.