Family Services

Whether you’re single, just got married or entered into a civil union, had your first child, are retiring or just need to get your affairs in order, we are committed to working with you to put the best plan in place to accomplish your goals.

Our experience in both a large, national firm and boutique specialty firm gives us the experience and knowledge necessary to efficiently and effectively help you.  We can help you with a simple Will if that will accomplish all of your goals.  If you have a more complex situation or want to have greater control over the distribution of your assets, we will work with you to develop a Trust to accomplish your goals.

We built Dotzler Law so that we could provide these personal legal services to you in a way that is simple, affordable and accessible.

Single, married or in a civil union, we provide the following services:

Distribute Your Assets.



Powers of Attorney for Property

Manage Your Health Care Decisions.

Powers of Attorney for Health Care

Medical Information Releases (HIPAA Releases)

Living Wills